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A proliferation of data, technology, and a growing population are converging into an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Yet despite this accelerating change, we are being exposed to new threats and increasingly relying on public and private organizations to ensure our well-being.

It is with the objective of harnessing the advancements in technology and empowering public and private organizations around the world that Techwan was created in 2000. 

Since its inception, Techwan has been developing and refining the SAGA ecosystem to meet the complex needs of organizations around the world.

The SAGA ecosystem combines a number of  state-of-the-art command and control systems for operational and crisis management. In addition to its core, the SAGA ecosystem provides clients with the ability to include modules such as event planning, mass mobilization, mobile solutions, and dashboards.  

It is this modularity, scalability, reliability, and ease of integration that has made SAGA the solution of choice for a number of organizations around the world.

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